The Lakewood Ranch restaurants on Main Street are known for their diverse dining scene. Visitors and locals can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from casual to upscale, with different cuisine options. Here are some of the types of restaurants you might find:

  1. American cuisine
  2. Mexican Food
  3. Seafood
  4. Italian cuisine
  5. Asian cuisine
  6. Specialty cafes

Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Food on Main Street

Casa Maya mexican restaurant located on the north end of Main Street, in the heart of the Main Street at Lakewood Ranch town center. It is on the shady side of the street in the afternoons and evenings. The restaurant has very high reviews on Google and Facebook.

Three types of seating: 1) indoor dinning room, 2) at the bar, 3) Outdoor patio with umbrella shaded tables. The main street sidewalk patio seating is directly across from the Italian restaurant on Main Street and diners can hear the live performer that usually plays in the evenings. Think about whether you want to hear that music before choosing your seating.

Clientele is broad including seniors, families, children, and business people. The atmosphere is festive and bright. The menu is very affordable and covers a broad range of authentic Mexican dishes. Molcajetes are extremely popular and you can often see their unique serving bowls on other tables as you walk in. The Kids' menu is attractive and offers a variety of choices including traditional American dishes for picky eaters.

This is one of the best and most enjoyable Lakewood Ranch restaurants. Mexican food Main Street.

Lakewood Ranch Main Street Restaurant Special Events

A few of the restaurant on Main Street are especially good for the Music on Main event, held monthly on the first Friday. Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant is an excellent place for Music on Main.

It's on the "shady" side of Main Street so its comfortable to set outside and enjoy the atmosphere

If you don't like to have the music blasting in your ears, the restaurant close enough to enjoy the music but still have a conversation

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a popular US event. Similar to the way that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with Irish food and drink, Cinco de Maya center's around Mexican food and drink. Casa Maya's Cinco De Mayo event is a lot of fun. The atmosphere is lively and festive, with decorations, music, and special menus.

mexican food on main street lakewood ranch restaurants

8126 Lakewood Main St

Main Street Trattoria

Main Street Trattoria is an Italian restaurant on the north end of Main Street Lakewood Ranch, across from Casa Maya and next door to Paris Bistro. Sidewalk tables, indoor and outdoor bar seating - the outdoor seats enjoy window access to the bartenders, and indoor dining.

Often offers live music entertainers that perform on the outdoor sidewalks. Usually a solo musician on an electric piano. Pizza is popular.

Residents of the Florida condos that sit above and adjacent to this restaurant can enjoy the music and aromas from the comfort of their condo units.

8131 Lakewood Main St.

Sofia's Mediterranean Restaurant

In the middle stretch Main Street at Lakewood Ranch, in the space formerly occupied by University of South Florida's culinary center.

Sofias advertises fresh, organic ingredients. A good place to enjoy music on main if you don't mind crowds on all sides while you eat.

8126 Lakewood Main St

Hana Sushi Lounge

On the north end of Main Street, next door to Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant and across the street from Paris Bistro. Hanna Sushi borders the covered drive that connects Main Street with the Main Street at Lakewood Ranch parking lot near Town Center.

Serves sushi, noodles, soups, poke bowls, and cocktails,.

8130 Lakewood Main St

Remys on Main

On the south end of Main Street, in the space formerly occupied by Fast N Fresh.

Owned by long-time Michigan restaurateurs who moved to Florida after the C-19 pandemic. Advertises comfort food and Korean food. Very busy at breakfast.

8136 Lakewood Main St

McGrath's Irish Ale House

McGrath's Irish Ale House opened in the space previously occupied by MacAllister's.

At the northern most end of Main Street, near the circle at the intersection of Main Street and Rodeo Drive. Since late 2020 the stretch of Main Street from the french restaurant to McGrath's has been closed to foot traffic and has been used by McGarath's, Casa Maya, Trattoria, and Hana for outdoor dinning. Lots of space for social distancing.

This is an Irish themed grill and tavern with a blend of traditional dishes and a variety of non-Irish dishes.

McGrath's describes itself as a "family-friendly Irish Ale House and Restaurant that has a modern atmosphere"

8110 Lakewood Main St

Paris Bistrot

Paris Bistrot is a Lakewood Ranch restaurant that serves French cuisine, French beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is on the north end of Main Street, next door to Main Street Trattoria and across from Hana Sushi and Casa Maya. The dining areas do not seat as many as most of the other Main Street restaurants. Reservations can be made through OpenTable.

8131 Lakewood Main St

No longer Open

Fast N Fresh

Near the entrance Main Street, one door from the first intersection, on the north side of the street. Gets afternoon shade. The best parking is either on the street in front of Fast N Fresh, which is limited, or the much more plentiful behind the restaurant in the large lot. Very easy to walk using the side covered side walk.

Fresh salads, made-to-order sandwiches, fresh soups. Light. Excellent seating indoors and outdoors. Wi-Fi.

The outdoor seating has midday and afternoon shade. In the afternoon you could get a craft beer across the street after you order food and then enjoy the beer and food in the shade at the Fast N Fresh outdoor table.

It's common for movie theater goers to pick up sandwiches and bowls from Fast N Fresh for the movie.

8138 Lakewood Main St