Enchiladas Menu

Mexican Restaurant Lakewood Ranch


Three enchiladas accompanied with rice and beans.Beef, chicken, cheese, or pork. Choose your sauce.

Tradicionales Casa Maya Our traditional red tomato and chili sauce, covered with melted mixed cheese and sour cream. $14.95

Suiza For the cheese lovers! Delicious creamy cheese sauce and with a touch of green tomatillo sauce. $14.95

Verdes Authentic green tomatillo sauce, topped with melted cheese. $14.95

A La Mexicana A bit of all flavors. 1 Red, 1 white, 1 green. $14.95

Mole Poblano Grandmother's recipe. Delicious mole poblano sauce made with chocolate and a bunch of spices, topped with sesame seed, sliced onions, and queso fresco. Sweet and spicy! $16.95